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EPiServer 7: Setting the Pace

Social Networking is commonplace and also more and more necessary to be successful in business today.  There are entire demographics of new prospective consumers out there.  And, its not limited to websites either. The “sphere of influence” is also increasing as tablets, mobile, and even disruptive technologies like augmented reality make it even easier to communicate and interact online.

In addition to greater exposure, Social Networks also enable companies to humanize their brand while increasing trustworthiness and goodwill.  Having a “conversation” with your customer results in a greater amount of credibility.  

The “push” process for producing content, outside of marketing, is traditionally to “throw it over the wall” having reviewed, then published.  After the content goes live, a content creator/author may never see the content in the same way that the end-user does (or even care).    

As the paradigm for communication on the web shifts to a more “personalized” web, CMS vendors need to be able to do two things (and do them quickly):

[1] Make it easier for content producers to share the end-user experience and co-create value.

[2] Introduce “Touch” design/technology to make it easier for content authors to create content on the devices and channels that consume it.

That’s why our new user interface change is just one of the game changing features that I really like about the upcoming EPiServer 7 release.   Our new “always editing” interface offers a touch-based design that is built to enable content management across the devices and channels that are used on the web today.

Aug 16, 2012

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