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Register now for Code Bash at Episerver Ascend 2017

Calling all developers! Registration is now open for Code Bash, sponsored by Microsoft, at Episerver Ascend 2017. Join us for this excellent opportunity to show off your development skills! Prepare yourself to battle against friends and competitors to show who is the best coder! During Code Bash, you can work with a small team, racing to solve a challenge in the most creative and interesting way using the Episerver platform. When the race time is over, each team will present their solution to the audience and judges, who will vote for their favorite to determine the winner.

Here are some more details on Code Bash:

  • Start by putting together a team with up to four people, or go at it alone to claim a solo victory. Your team can consist of developers, designers, or anyone else to help you be victorious. Be sure to bring your laptops and your favorite development environments.
  • You'll receive the top secret challenge when we begin and then have two hours to create and implement your best solution using the Episerver platform. Creativity is key.
  • When the two hours are up, each team will have a chance to present their solution. A panel of judges will determine the best solution, judged on innovation, creativity, design, architecture and overall implementation.
  • The top team will be awarded and be deemed the winner of Code Bash!

Remember that you do not need to be an Episerver developer to participate! Everyone can contribute to a team’s success. Code Bash will be a fun way to connect and work with other Episerver enthusiasts.

Register now for Code Bash using this link:

Feb 02, 2017

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