Published on:Apr 12, 2022
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Optimizely Meetup in Uppsala 27th of April!

Visma invites to an IRL Optimizely meetup for all developers focusing on Optimizely CMS or commerce in Uppsala / Sweden. During the evening at we will present the new CMS 12 with best practices regarding performance and scalability for large sites and amazing addons! There will also be food, friends and some tasty beverages involved. Thanks to Optimizely and Visma for sponsoring this event.

27th of April 17.30-21.00

Elite Hotel Academia
Suttungs gränd 6, 753 19 Uppsala / Sweden


17:30-17:40 - Welcome
17:40-18:20 - Building huge enterprise sites with Optimizely CMS, best practices (Daniel Ovaska, Optimizely MVP)
18:20-18:35 - Break
18:35-19:15 - Optimizely 5, tips n tricks and the journey to DXP (Luc Gosso, Optimizely MVP)
19:15-19:30 - Break
19:30-20:10 - Adaptive Images for Optimizely CMS and best practice for developing add-ons (Ted Nyberg, Optimizely MVP)
20:10-21:00 - Friends, food and beverages

This is a free event but remember to
Sign up here!

Happy coding!

Apr 12, 2022

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