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Countdown gadget

Hi! Here is my second gadget for Open Gadget Contest 1009 – Countdown gadget. In fact it works also as count-up.


User can specify target date and messages to show before that date, on that date and after target date.


Also user can specify the time scale – if seconds/minutes/hours should be displayed.

Countdown can be marked as default. Default countdown is displayed when user adds new Countdown gadget on dashboard.

User can select needed countdown from list, edit or create new one.


How is interested

I believe anyone :) Countdown can display a lot of useful information: when new version of EPiServer CMS will be released, the number of days before vacation, how long you are married and so on.

Nov 30, 2009

( 9/21/2010 10:32:57 AM)

Open Gadget Contest 1009 :) must look like this
"New Year is come in" -> "New Year will come in", "How is interested" -> "Who is interested", etc.
Sorry guys, it was published about at 23:59, I didn't have any chance to look what I was writing :)

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