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Getting EPiServer CMO 2.0 to work with Norwegian language, EPiServer CMS 6.0

The EPiServer CMO 2.0 release (for EPiServer CMS 6.0 and above) has a few deficiencies.

The most irritating one is perhaps that CMO 2.0 out of the box does not allow the CMO admin to set the dates using the built-in “date picker”, if your site uses any other language than English.  I live and work in Norway, most of the sites I work on use the Norwegian language.

When applying the instructions in my post, I take for granted that you already have installed CMO 2.0 on your site or in your development environment.


Language files, JavaScript, web forms, user controls

Most of the things you need to do, is documented in the post by CMO developer, Dmytro Duk, Localization workaround for EPiServer CMO 2.0.

Please read the post thoroughly.  The most important point, in addition to copying  modified versions of some CMO components to your site, is the following:

CMO 2.0 comes with a language file CMO_EN.xml, for English language only. 

The instructions in Dmytro’s post tell you that you need to have copies of that language file for the language of  your culture and UI culture.

In our case, we need to have both a CMO_NO.xml and a CMO_NB.xml file. Change the id and the name of the language node in each file accordingly.




language name="Norsk bokmål" id="nb">

The datepickerformat node in those files should look like this in the CMO_NO.xml and CMO_NB.xml files:



See why in Dmytro’s post.

Specific version of CMO UI DLL

To make all the magic happen, you also need a specific version of the EPiServer.CMO.Ui.Dll, namely version,

which was supplied to us by EpiServer support in a previous attempt of a work-around.

May 16, 2011

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Thanks for clarifying.

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