Published on:May 18, 2022
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Commerce B2C 14.3.0 packages have temporarily been removed from the Optimizely nuget feed

UPDATE May 20th

We are going for a new release, 14.3.1, that is identical to 14.3.0 minus the BinaryFormatter changes. The release is with QA now and we aim to publically release it early next week (May 23rd-24th).

Original message

The 14.3.0 release contains changes to remove our internal usage usage of BinaryFormatter, which is slated for obsoletion. We now realize that we were too quick to releasing these changes as we at a minimum need to release a parallel Find.Commerce package with the same changes. In order to not trick anyone into a bad upgrade path while we prepare Find.Commerce and investigate if there are other loose ends I have chosen to pull the 14.3.0 packages from the feed.

The title says that they have been temporarily removed. Well, yes, it depends. If we feel that we can deliver a compatible Find.Commerce package in a short time frame and that we feel there are no other, yet unkown, loose ends we will republish the packages. If we feel that this would take too long we will roll back the BinaryFormatter changes and release everything except that as a new (14.3.1?) version.

May 18, 2022

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