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Test Site Gadget

This is a little gadget for testing your site with various tools. This can be anything from checking your sites speed performance, mobile-readiness, accessibility, how the site looks in various browsers, and more.

Configuring the new gadget

After choosing a couple of tests

You can click on of the links to conduct that test. 

Which opens up an overlay and displays the result

We as web developers are used to conducting these tests, and probably all have a huge list of bookmarks we go through before launching a new site. However we can’t always be sure that the new content we add doesn’t break, even if we’re very careful. Imagine how this is going to be for a web editor who don’t even know about all these tools that help us out. With this gadget I’m hoping to show how easy and fast it is to make sure that our website is, and continues to, provide the best possible experience to our users.


Download the code, unzip it, and place it inside the Modules folder. Also add this line to your web.config file:

   1: <modules autoDiscovery="Minimal">
   2:     ...
   3:     <add name="TestSite">
   4:         <assemblies>
   5:             <add assembly="TestSite"/>
   6:         </assemblies>
   7:     </add>
   8:     ...
   9: </modules>

Download the code

Oct 31, 2009

( 9/21/2010 10:32:47 AM)

Nice and useful gadget/widget/app. Have to have one ;-)
/ Benny Skogberg

( 9/21/2010 10:32:47 AM)

Looks really nice.
/ Anders Hattestad

Björn Olsson
( By Björn Olsson, 9/21/2010 10:32:47 AM)

Simple and useful, very nice indeed.

( 9/21/2010 10:32:47 AM)

Nice work Fredrik!
/ Mattias Nordgren

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