Helen Hopkinson
Sep 19, 2013
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Sign up now for the EPiServer 7 CMS Boot Camp!

Are you new to EPiServer development? Get a kick-start with the EPiServer 7 CMS Boot Camp. The boot camp is for .NET developers with little or no experience of developing solutions with EPiServer CMS. During five intensive and inspiring days, participants learn the prerequisites required to become a capable and competent EPiServer developer.  By mixing theory with hands-on exercises, participants progressively build up a website from installation.

The boot camp also includes the certification exam (launch date October 14 ). As we recommend that certification candidates have practical experience from working in several EPiServer CMS development projects before taking the exam, participants will be able to take the exam up to six months after completing the course..

Do you need a kick-start to quickly become productive, EPiServer 7 CMS Boot Camp is the training for you. Sign up now for the next course in Stockholm October 7th!

Sep 19, 2013


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