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Using AppSettings instead of ConfigSections for Episerver Find

In the documentation for Episerver Find it says that you should write like this in your app.config or web.config file:

            type="EPiServer.Find.Configuration, EPiServer.Find" requirePermission="false"/>

There also exist another way to set this up that are a little hidden, and that are to go through the appsettings in the config file. So instead of writing like the above you can write like this:

    <add key="episerver:FindServiceUrl" value="http://..." />
    <add key="episerver:FindDefaultIndex" value="myindex" />

Depending on how you have set up you deployment pipeline this could be a nice way since it is easier to implement config transformation for this I think.

Mar 18, 2016

( By Vincent, 3/22/2016 4:40:18 AM)

Good to know :)

For my current project, I remove the element first, then insert with different index key 

Henrik Fransas
( By Henrik Fransas, 3/22/2016 7:57:45 AM)

That is true!

Missed to inform about that. Thanks!

Jonas  Carlbaum
( By Jonas Carlbaum, 10/22/2018 8:57:05 AM)

@episerver please update the documentation about *Staged deployments* settings in to inform about how to enable a separate Find-index on Deployment slots.

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