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Username Field Empty During Document Check In – Office Integration

Today I was attempting to check out, edit, and check in a document using the Microsoft Office Integration in CMS 5 SP1.  Upon check in I found the dialog to connect to CMS did not contain my user name.


To fix this problem I performed the following steps:

1) Entered Edit Mode

2) Selected the Root folder in the tree

3) Selected the Microsoft Office Add-In tab

4) Selected the Activate tab

5) Selected the Deactivate button

5) Selected the Activate button

Magic. Problem solved! I had been having problems late last week with CMS partially behaving as if I was logged in even though I hadn’t logged in and in the system indicated “You are logged in as: “ with no user name.  I suspect this was related.  Now, with that previous issue resolved and a proper logged in state in CMS deactivate + activate resolved my issue.

Aug 18, 2009

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