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Jens Nygård
Dec 2, 2010
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Important information to those running EPiServer CMS 4

It has come to our attention that the e-mail functionality delivered with the sample package for CMS 4 is in fact used in some public web applications. If this sample functionality is used without intended modification, it is possible for spambots to actively utilize the functionality and send unsolicited messages or bulk e-mail spam through the SMTP service.

We strongly advise all concerned parties to undertake necessary actions  to ensure that the situation is remedied.  We recommend that the e-mail template file and all subsequent references are removed from the web application. If the e-mail sample functionality is to be used we strongly recommend that proper relay restrictions are setup and that appropriate logic to prevent spambots from exploiting this functionality is implemented.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact EPiServer Developer Support.

Dec 02, 2010


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