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Enabling the EPiServer CMS Workflows

EPiServer CMS 5 ships with four out of the box workflows; Parallel Approval, Sequential Approval, Ready for Translation, and Request for Feedback.

The workflows are disabled by default and can easily be enabled for a CMS site by un-commenting their definitions in web.config.

If the workflows have not been enabled yet, you will see a “There are no instances or tasks related to this page available” message on the “Workflow” tab and a “There are no workflow definitions available” message in the Action Window in Edit Mode.


To enable the workflows…

Open web.config and uncomment the following snippet under configuration/episerver/workflowSettings/definitions:

        name="Sequential Approval"
        description="A sequential approval workflow for pages"
        name="Parallel Approval"
        description="A paralell approval workflow for pages"
        name="Request for feedback"
        description="Assigns request for feedback tasks to users/roles"
        name="Ready for translation"
        description="Assigns translation tasks to users/roles"

Once enabled, the EPiServer workflows can be started from the “Workflow” tab or the “Action Window” in Edit Mode.


Oct 07, 2009

( 9/21/2010 10:32:41 AM)


I have added the above section and added 4 of the default workflows to workflow section of the admin view. Is there any other steps are that are needed?


John Burns

Noel Fernandes
( By Noel Fernandes, 2/2/2011 2:16:01 PM)


I've done a brand new installation of the Episerver CMS 5 with the demo site and I could not find that code snippet in the web.config.

Is there something that I'm missing on?

thanks & regards

Noel Fernandes

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