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Link validation with EPiServer CMS 6R2 behind a proxy

Are you stuck with the error: “The link validation job was stopped due to 101 consecutive broken external links. There seem to be a problem for the server to access external resources.” when you enable Link validation? Are your server behind a proxy?

Then you should make EPiServer Link Validator aware of your proxy to make it work!

  • Open up the websites Episerver.config in Notepad
  • Locate the node <episerver>
  • Under this node, add a new child called <linkValidator> and add your proxy.
  • Restart site

A typical proxy configuration would look like:

<linkValidator proxyAddress=”http://111.222.333.444:8080” proxyUser=”user” proxyPassword=”pwd”>

There are in fact a few more things you can change, read more at:

Mar 21, 2013

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