Published on:Feb 04, 2015
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If search in Commerce manger not working after upgrade 8.1 – 8.6

After an upgrade to EPiServer commerce 8.1 Commerce (Issue is valid till 8.6.1), For a site search through Commerce Manager Catalog Management –> Catalog entry search stopped working. What … How is it possible …. if it is working fine from Commerce section of Online Centre.
It is possible if you have not defined languages in lower case (Bug 122455 has been registered)

Cause: languages in commerce manager was defined as en-GB, en-US, en-CA rather en-gb, en-us, en-ca

run a query in your Commerce DB “select * from CatalogLanguage”
if languages are not in lower case run “UPDATE CatalogLanguage SET LanguageCode = lower(LanguageCode)”
Reset application Pool
Rebuild Index

Feb 04, 2015

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