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Take EPi Forms data outside of the EPi Database

You might not want to store EPiForms data in EPi Database due to GDPR or any other reason. 

I got the help of Azure Logic Apps in my POC for this purpose, where I want to generate a CSV file and upload it on blob storage.

Step 1: Change serialization format in /modules/_protected/EPiServer.Forms/Forms.config

From version 4.3, you can set up the kind of data format used before sending data to a webhook receiver by using serializingObjectUsingNameValueFormat as true or false
set to true (default) will serialize object to {name:"Foo",email:""}
set to false will serialize object to [{key:"name",value:"Foo"},{key:"email", value: ""}, ...]

I used serializingObjectUsingNameValueFormat="false" as I want to generate a csv file and upload it on blob storage. 

Step 2: Design your logic app

Image logicapp.JPG

  • When an HTTP request is received: Creates a webhook where we can post forms data.
  • Create CSV Table: I am receiving data in Key/Value format that I want to change into CSV format first.
  • Create blob: Generate CSV file for further processing

Step 3: Setup Webhook actor and turn Off "Store form submissions

Go to your Form Settings and Turn Off "Store Form submissions" option. Set up a webhook url that was obtained in the previous step.

Sorry developers! no coding is required.

Sep 07, 2018

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