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K Khan
Oct 14, 2023
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Monolith, JAMStack, SPA, or Composable, Optimizely CMS is the best fit

Each website architecture has its own benefits and challenges.

Monolith is a traditional and proven architecture to deliver web apps, combining FE and BE.

To craft a JAMStack site, you employ static-site generation tools such as NextJS or Gatsby. These tools transform your website into HTML during the building process, thus introducing a game-changing shift as pages are constructed at a separate juncture.

JAMStack is often confused with SPA, but there are a few fundamental differences. A Single Page Application (SPA) is constructed directly within a user's browser. When a visitor requests a page, the markup and JavaScript are transmitted to the user's browser, and the webpage is dynamically assembled in real time.

Composable architecture focuses on Infrastructure as code, infrastructure automation, multi-cloud strategy, and portfolio rationalization.

Optimizely does not drive the architecture anymore but gives the flexibility to adopt any architecture that suits best to business for all of your content requirements.


  • SAS Core was introduced on Opticon San Deigo 2023 along with many other exciting enhancements and will be available in early 2024, PAS Core is the CMS that we know to date, We can get content from any source other than the CMS also
  • Optimizely Graph (Semantic and flexible search) converts your content into a graph structure. Just as search engines crawl the web to construct graph-based content indices, Optimizely Graph reshapes your CMS content for easy querying. It allows you to explore and manipulate your content using the GraphQL standard
  • Builder is a visual editor
  • Single source for all of your content needs, consume content anywhere
  • Content will remain available, even if CMS goes down
  • PAS/Head solution will be available with or without the Optimizely graph
Oct 14, 2023


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