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EPiServer Search and Replace Plug-in v1.1 Released

About a month ago I released version 1.0 of the search and replace plug-in I have built for EPiServer 6 and onwards.

For those of you who have not taken a look at the plug-in yet, basically it allows a user to search and replace content within a site.  Replaced content is not automatically published, new versions of the pages are created and it is down to some business rules and user interactivity to force the approval/rollback of modified pages.  The previous version of the plug-in would only update page properties and dynamic content (if this option was enabled in the config).

The plug-in is perfectly safe for updating WYSIWYG and xml serialized properties.  The code will determine whether the string being updated is of a xml format and will then use an SGML reader to parse the mark-up and then will update attribute values and text node contents.

Specific page types and property names can be excluded from the search and replace by updating the SearchAndReplace.config file.

New features added to v1.1:

- Dynamic content will now be searched and replaced by the plug-in.

- A new version of a page is created in the version history when a page has been updated.

- Some UI and logic enhancements have been made.

Give it a try!

Please feel free to download the plug-in and give it a try.  Any feedback good or bad will be greatly received.

To install it is as simple as copying an assembly to your bin folder and adding some configuration settings to your web.config.

The assemblies and source code if required can be found here

Installation/Usage instructions can be found here.

Nov 24, 2010

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