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Multi Search with EPiServer Find 7.5

With the release of EPiServer 7.5 we of course also released a 7.5 version of EPiServer Find. This release includes among other things a new feature to be able to handle multiple searches in one request. It will then return an IEnumerable<SearchResults<T>>. There are several use cases for this, several queries for a specific page can now be done in one round trip. Here you see a simple example of how to do it with the api.

results = service.MultiSearch<Article>()
                .Search<Article>(x => x.For("Banana").InField(y => y.Title))
                .Search<Article>(x => x.For("Annanas").InField(y => y.Title))

In the example above both queries search in the Article type and also returns the article type. It is also possible to search in different types and return a different type. Using the projections that are very powerful in EPiServer Find.

IEnumerable<SearchResults<string>> results = service.MultiSearch<string>()
    .Search<Article, string>(x => x.For(indexedArticle.Title).InField(y => y.Title).Select(y => y.Title))
    .Search<User, string>(x => x.For(indexedUser.Name).InField(y => y.Name).Select(y => y.Name)).GetResult();

The results are always returned in the same way as they are searched for. So the first result will be the first query. Also these will of course only count as one query against the index and will hopefully save you from any problems with too many requests.

Happy Finding!

Feb 12, 2014

Petter Klang
( By Petter Klang, 2/12/2014 5:05:06 PM)

Been looking forward to this!

Good job keep it up!

Petter Klang
( By Petter Klang, 2/12/2014 5:05:10 PM)

(double post)

( 2/12/2014 6:37:14 PM)

Very nice! So where is this documented? I'm particularily interested in the MultiUnifiedSearch functionality.

Yauheni Aliashkevich
( By Yauheni Aliashkevich, 3/29/2014 10:03:09 AM)

Just to let you know: Multi Search fails if you use Take()/Skip() in your queries

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