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Service Health Dashboard

Today i can announce the release of a Service Health Dashboard for EPiServer SaaS and Infrastructure services. 

This is a way for us to become more transparent and let you easily view the status of services and follow incidents throughout their lifetime.


You will be able to subscribe to updates and get notified every time an incident is created, updated or closed. As well as when we schedule maintenance work on any of our services.

You can be notified of status changes through two channels.

E-Mail will keep you updated throughout the lifetime of an incident (creation, updates, resolution, postmortem etc.)

SMS will notify you of creation and resolution of incidents.


Check out the dashboard and sign up for notifications: 

EPiServer Service Health Dashboard


For questions, detailed information regarding incidents, changes or problems contact EPiServer Support through the channels listed below:




Worldwide: +46 855 58 2750
Australia: +61 280 363 161
United States: +1 888 670 5066 (toll free)
United Kingdom: +44 800 066 4784 (toll free)

Oct 01, 2013

Marcus Granström
( By Marcus Granström, 10/2/2013 8:31:52 AM)

Nice, Good job

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