Sep 8, 2010
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Enabling Gadget Development Quickly in Relate+ 2.0

A while back, one of my esteemed colleagues at EPiServer, Cristian Libardo, published a blog entry detailing how to enable MVC Gadget development quickly and easily in an EPiServer Public Templates project. This was by way of installing a zip installer module (epimodule) on the desired site where the Public Templates project was installed.

The original blog entry can be found here.

The Relate+ 2.0 package includes EPiServer CMS 6 and EPiServer Community 4, both of which ship with the EPiServerFramework of which EPiServer Shell / Online Center is a part of. So the good news is that you can now start building OnlineCenter Gadgets for Community 4 as well as CMS 6.

A tutorial of how to build an Online Center Gadget can be found here.

I have now made the equivalent installer module for the Relate+ 2.0 Templates. This does exactly the same as Cristian’s module except it modifies the  EPiServer.Templates.RelatePlus.csproj file instead of the PublicTemplates.csproj file.

The module can be installed by executing the “Install a Module from a Compressed File” item under the EPiServer CMS / Version 6.0.530.0 node in EPiServer Deployment Center.

The module can be found here.


Sep 08, 2010


Marius Slette Johansen
Marius Slette Johansen Sep 21, 2010 10:33 AM

I think you only should try this module on a brand new project. I just used it on an existing project and had to restore my csproj-file (which also has an own name, not EPiServer.....). I think I'll do it manually next time :) Other than that, great addon :)

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