Feb 15, 2011
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Dynamic Data Store : Easier Store Creation and Remapping (for CMS 6 R1)

As mentioned in my previous blog entry

Dynamic Data Store : Easier Store Creation and Remapping, I have developed an open-source version of the code which works with CMS 6 R1 (and Community 4 R1).

The main differences are:

  • The DdsAutoCreateAttribute class should be used instead of the EPiServerDataStoreAttribute / AutomaticallyCreateStore property
  • The DdsAutoRemapAttribute class should be used instead of the EPiServerDataStoreAttribute / AutomaticallyRemapStore property
  • The DdsAutoPropertyRenameAttribute class should be used instead of the EPiServerDataPropertyRenameAttribute
  • The namespace to include for the System.Type extensions (GetStore(), CreateStore(), GetOrCreateStore()) is EPiServer.Samples.DdsExtensions

Unlike the CMS 6 R2 built-in version, this version uses an initialization module which runs on application start to scan for the above attributes. What this means is that it will add some time to your site’s start-up time and if you exclude your assemblies (containing your Types decorated with the attributes) from the assembly scanning list in the EPiServerFramework.config (see this blog entry for more info about this) then your Types will not be found by the scan and therefore their stores will not be auto created or auto mapped.

Also note that the initialization module is coded to throw an exception if run against a CMS 6 R2 site, i.e. a version of the EPiServer.Data assembly with version number 6.2.217.x or higher. This is because you should use the built-in functionality supplied by the EPiServer.Data assembly is this case.

The source code and example of how to use it can be found here on the Code section of EPiServer World.

A binary ready to drop in the bin folder can be found here.


Feb 15, 2011


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