Per Hemmingson
Mar 6, 2008
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Mix 08 report, day 1

Me, myself and my collegae Eric is currently attending Microsoft Mix conference in Las vegas. While most things that happen in Vegas stays in vegas we'll share some interesting events.

First of the day starts with keynote presentation from Ray Ozzie, Scott Guthrie and Dean Hachamovitch.

They demo new IE 8 as well as a lot of cool websites build with Silverlight,

Internet Explorer 8, beta 1 is available now and the talked was short and about 8 topics,

  1. css 2.1 support
  2. css certification
  3. Performance
  4. HTML 5 start
  5. Developer tool
  6. Activities
  7. Web slices
  8. Beta 1 IE8 available

To summarize alot of improvements has been implemented, and some new neat functionallity added where web slices and activities was the most interesting. I'll tried IE8 on an our episerver site, and the conclusion is that we don't support it right out of the box...

The rest of the day is about Silverlight 2, where the beta 1 is available today for download. Interesting things to mention about silverlight 2 is there adaptive streaming which adjust to the current bandwith and causes less buffering, when for example watching videos on Youtube. I'll guess our hosting department will be happy to hear this...

Otherwise Mike Harsh's seminar was interesting and you can read it from is blog and download sample's there.

Now it's time to bet on red.

-- Per

Mar 06, 2008


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