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Hopefully obsolete wish list

Wrote this wish list a while back but didn’t get around posting it. Hopefully I don’t have to wait long

In no particular order:

1. Add a more readable name to complement the version number in the deployment center. I sure prefer CMS 5 R2 SP2 instead of remembering long number series.

2. Provide an alternate/easier way to do upgrades without the deployment center.

Recently I’ve had a lot of hassle with upgrades in particular 5.1 sites which won’t install on 2008 server which is the most common for new servers nowadays. And had to setup extra internal environments to get things done.

I would like a quick option for doing database upgrades without the need to install a site. A simple dialog to specify sql servername, authentication etc and a upgrade button would be great (no verification of os, net framework etc). A bunch of scripts to run in a specific order from sql manager would suffice.

3. Make it possible to role base as many functions as possible to differentiate what’s available.

Ie dynamic content, search providers, properties on page types etc

Nov 22, 2010

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