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Defaulting the editor to the favourites tab in edit mode

I have customers that have expressed a wish that when a editor enters edit mode the favourites tab should be the default instead of showing the page tree.

I found a post by Allan Thraen which added an extra row to the context menu with using a PagePlugIn but I didn’t get it to work.

So I ended up with adding some code to the onload method in my own pagetemplate class which inherits from TemplatePage, modyfying the url for the editmode option.


   1: if (ContextMenu.IsMenuEnabled)
   2:       {
   3:           RightClickMenuItem item = null;
   5:           item = EPiServer.Web.PageExtensions.ContextMenu.Current.Menu.Items["EditMode"];
   6:           if (item != null)
   7:           {
   9:               item.Url += "%26tabid=1";
  10:           }
  11:       }
Sep 17, 2010

Deane Barker
( By Deane Barker, 9/21/2010 10:33:36 AM)

So many times, I've thought I should try this. Nicely done.

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