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Non allowed characters for files and folders in EPiServer

A couple of days ago I had a customer that reported that the thumbnails option in the Filemanager didn’t work and neither displaying the image’s an a rendered page.

The uploading worked fine and also the preview when selecting an image through the editor.

It took a while before I saw the obvious there was an “&” sign in the folder names.

Strange I couldn’t remember that that had caused any problems before. But after some emailing with the Episerver support (real fast answsers. Thanks!) I got a list of not allowed characters in CMS 6 file and foldernames. These should also be avoided in CMS5. Since I got a picture with the characters it  looks like there’s a validator for this in CMS 6 which but which CMS 5 lacks.

The max number of characters for both file and folder names are 255, both for CMS 5 and CMS 6.

Could be a good thing to inform the editors for all those CMS 5 sites out there.

So here they are:


Apr 03, 2011

( 4/4/2011 9:58:38 AM)

Thanx Per! Just what Im looking for.

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