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MobilePack 1.0 installation trouble–part two

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about some troubles I had installing MobilePack. Read the post here.

Last week a colleague of mine installed MobilePack on another site. This time an enterprise site and unfortunately had two minor issues and one major.

Minor issue 1:

Before installing MobilePack and you have verified that you have a VPP named “SiteGlobalFiles” do check that you have configured your start page page type to allow all other page types or else the installer will fail with a cryptic error.

Minor issue 2:

In an enterprise setup the example mobile site get’s installed on the first site specified in episerver.config regardless of which you choose when installing the module.

Major issue:

After the installation all seemed fine and we went on to other tasks. But it didn’t take long before we got reports of broken links.

After some investigation we found out that all links to files within PageFiles was now broken.

It turned out that the MobilePack installation deleted the location element in web.config for the PageFiles. We have reproduced this on two different machines running this particular site so we could eliminate user error.

Jun 04, 2012

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