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Tool for finding pages of specific type

A cabillion years ago I did a small plugin for finding pages of a specific page type because I was tired of spending to much time searching for example pages when thrown in a project to fix a bug or when working in solutions with massive amount of pages. Sure we could check in the db but I prefer to use a tool. If necessary the customer can use it as well.

Since the old tool was for CMS5 and CMS6 I’ve made a CMS7 version.

I did the CMS7 version as a simple page instead of a assets pane plugin.


On the left side we have a checkbox list of available page types (nothing is filtered out). Below that we have a tree menu starting from the Root (FilterForVisor).

To use it tick which page types you are interested in navigate with the +/- buttons to the page you want to start your search from and click on the node name. If any pages are found you get a list of them on the right side of the page.

Clicking the name will bring up a preview of the page in the center. Clicking the edit link will open up a new tab for the page in edit mode.

If the user that tries to view the tool isn’t authenticated a 404 is thrown.

It’s possible to specify a group that the user need to be a member of through an appsetting “PageTypeFinderGroup”. If set and the authenticated user is not a member of the group a 404 is thrown here as well.

You can get a compiled version as well as the source over at my skydrive.

Nov 29, 2013

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