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List all page- and block types

Have you ever got a customer requirement saying the want a document with all the page types and their properties for a manual or something?

I guess that it’s fairly common. Doing this in a word document is tedious and will be out of date almost immediately. Now with CMS 7 we have all the block types as well so it’s even more work.

To stop needing to do something like that a did a quick hack.

It’s a simple user control that gets all the page and block types and displays their properties.

Ugly image from including it in the Alloy sample project.


It’s just a template so it only displays the localized name and description in an ul/li list.

You can download it over at the code section. Download.

Sep 05, 2013

( 9/6/2013 9:54:52 AM)

Sounds useful, but your download link doesn't work.

( 9/6/2013 10:01:14 AM)

Added download link to skydrive. Seems I can't add files to my code section entries any more?!.

( 9/6/2013 10:03:30 AM)

We received a couple of reports that there are issues with uploading code and we are looking into it. Don't have an estimate as to when it will be fixed yet though.

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