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WebControl for bootstraprows and contentareas

If there still are anyone out there using forms maybe this can be of some use.

Scenario is that you have a template with:

  • One or many rows, with different combinations of content areas and other properties.
  • All properties are rendered as columns.
  • None of the properties are required.
  • We assume that the editors either add values to all properties in a row or add no values at all.

If the editor doesn't add values to atleast one of the properties in a row we would end up with a empty bootstrap row which we don't want to.

To avoid having to write codebehind code to handle this I did a webcontrol. The webcontrol checks all inner properties (which must be of type EPiServer:Property) and if all are empty the row isn't rendered.


<Nergard:BootstrapRow CssClass="row" runat="server">
    <EPiServer:Property PropertyName="ContentArea" runat="server" CustomTagName="div" CssClass="col-md-6"/>
    <EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MainBody" runat="server" CustomTagName="div" CssClass="col-md-6"/ />

You can use both the PageLink and PageLinkPropertyName attributes in the EPiServer:Property if you want to use them.

Code over at GitHub Gist:  Code.

Sep 21, 2015

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