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List editors and how many pages they have created.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a list wich presented all editors and how many pages they have created? Maybe not so fun but in one case this is what I wanted to present. So i whipped togheter a simple aspx page that does just that.

Image highscore.jpg

As usal code over at my Gist.

Oct 17, 2016

Henrik Fransas
( By Henrik Fransas, 10/18/2016 8:28:51 AM)

Nice, or you can play around with SQL and with this simple query get content per contenttype per user... ;-)

Select CreatorName, ct.[Name], COUNT(*) NrOfContent
From tblContent c inner Join tblContentType ct on c.fkContentTypeID = ct.pkID
Group by CreatorName, ct.[Name]
order by CreatorName, NrOfContent Desc, ct.[Name]

( 10/18/2016 8:47:42 AM)

I don't like SQL :)

This was a quick hack. Have been thinking of doing more of a dashboard thing with some charts and stuff.

Henrik Fransas
( By Henrik Fransas, 10/18/2016 8:56:39 AM)

I love SQL it is so powerful!

Ok, sounds great, add it as a gadget also so you can have it on the dashboard.

Aria Zanganeh
( By Aria Zanganeh, 10/18/2016 1:23:56 PM)

Great job mate.. It could be good idea to have another column for "Site" so you know per site! And another dashboard of number of awaiting pages for approval per user :D Motivate lazy people :)

( 5/15/2017 2:07:47 PM)

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