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Per Nergård
Apr 13, 2019
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Episerver CMS 11 certification - tips and comments

This week it what that time again where I needed to renew my Episerver CMS certificate. So here is a post with some thoughts, comments and tips that hopefully is to some use  for others preparing for the exam.

A lot of things have happened in the Episerver world the last couple of years both with the CMS and other products and not least going into the cloud with the DXC.I think this is reflected in the exam. You really need to have a broad knowledge about Episerver both from a developer perspective but also general product knowledge and editorial skills sprinkled with some Find and DXC to pass the exam.

I've been working with Episerver for a long time (maybe too long) and I'm certified in all versions since CMS 5, and although I try to keep myself updated  my professional career has drifted away to doing other stuff than coding so I thought that some reading in the development guide probably was a good idea.

I was pleasently suprised that the development guide has been updated and include more code examples than before.Also a big improvement is that new features now are clearly marked from which version that feature is available which is great for seasoned developers that really only need to brush up their knowledge on new stuff. The new improved looks on world also really made reading more easy on the eyes.

I'd say that the development guide is the main place to go for information but the user guide is a great place  to gain knowledge about ie personalization of blocks, and you can learn som useful stuff around environments, deployment, optional extras and service and health continuity in the DXC service description. And if you haven' used Episerver Find it can be well spent time to play around with how to do searches using different Find features like best bets, stemming, filtering etc. And don't forget to use the Visual Studio extension creating an Alloy sample project and have a look in the code and maybe try out some of the newer features like projects and notifications.

It's alot of material to read through but if you have the time I would really recomend going through it all since the documentation is quite good and even super experienced Episerver proffessionals will learn something new.

Anders G Nordbys blog post from 2018 is still a very good writeup with general information and hints. 

So with this post and Anders blog posts, in combination with putting in some effort I'm sure that pass you will pass the exam.

Oh and the exam I took was for CMS version 11.

Happy certification!

Apr 13, 2019


Praful Jangid
Praful Jangid Apr 15, 2019 09:48 AM


Nice blog post to guide how to start preparation for the Exam. Can you add more details on exam pattern, like duration of exam and no of questions? That will be helpful.

I am planning to attemp the exam next month. Also, the link to DXC service description is not working.



Per Nergård
Per Nergård Apr 15, 2019 11:09 AM

I have fixed the link to the DXC service description.

You have two hours to complete the exam and you get about 85 questions. You Find som general tips regarding the exam in Anders blogpost.

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