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Quicksilver "2.0" released

We have released Quicksilver "2.0". The actual version number is not "2.0", but from now on, the version of Quicksilver will more or less match with the version of Episerver Commerce, when it is released.

A new major version means breaking changes - and in "2.0" we changed a lot of things:

- We completely moved to the new promotion system/new order abstraction API:s. Our vision is that's the way forward and we highly recommend you to make the move when you have chances.

- We improved multi-shipment feature. Multi-shipment was added in Quicksilver 1.4, but now it's refined and tuned for even better user experience.

- We restructured the project and refactored controllers and services to make them even more testable. More tests were also added.

- Plenty of other bug fixes and improvements.

Image Quicksilver20.PNG

Quicksilver "2.0" is simply the biggest update to Quicksilver since it was introduced last year. Quicksilver has been a favourite sample template in Commerce developer community, and we are sure you'll love Quicksilver "2.0" even more. Download it today from Github:

Oct 12, 2016

( By mounir.boudouda, 10/12/2016 4:01:02 PM)


Github Quicksilver is still version 1.4.

Quan Mai
( By Quan Mai, 10/12/2016 5:21:53 PM)


It's in the develop branch now 

Will be shortly merged to master 

Richly Chheuy
( By Richly Chheuy, 10/12/2016 7:54:05 PM)

Great news!

Simon Mercer
( By Simon Mercer, 12/16/2016 12:27:17 PM)

Are we still able to use the Legacy Promotions system in Quicksilver?

I realise that we sohuld be moving away from it, but I've got some issues with a current implementation and I wanted to make some tests against it.  I've disabled it via Features in app.config and i'm able to create/edit promotions.  I don't seem to get them calculating as expected.  I assume the correct workflow is being used when I disable the new system?

Simon Mercer
( By Simon Mercer, 12/16/2016 4:45:21 PM)

needs to be added in both CMS and Commerce Manager site

Promotions Manager is accessible in CommerceManager, but the promotions aren't processed correctly - am I missing a setting?

Quan Mai
( By Quan Mai, 7/6/2017 9:22:37 AM)

@Simon Mercer: Sorry for the very late reply. Quicksilver does not use the old promotion engine at all. It only works with the new promotion system - as mentioned in the post. You can manage the promotions in Marketing UI 

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