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New ReferenceConverter method in Commerce 13.21

As you might have heard - ReferenceConverter is your friend. It is very lightweight way to map between the ContentReference and code of catalog content, instead of having to load the content - which is both slow and expensive. Whenever you have chance, ReferenceConverter should be used.

But it is now even better. In Commerce 13.21, ReferenceConverter has a new method to get multiple codes at once. It looks like this

public virtual IDictionary<ContentReference, string> GetCodes(IEnumerable<ContentReference> contentLinks, CatalogContentType catalogContentType)

A common scenario for this new method is when you need to get all variants of a product (by using IRelationRepository), then get all prices or inventories for those variants. Instead of

var allVariantCodes = allVariantLinks.Select(x => _referenceConverter.GetCode(x));

You can now call

var allVariantCodes = _referenceConverter.GetCodes(allVariantLinks, CatalogContentType.CatalogEntry).Values;

The former can result in multiple database roundtrips - depending on how many variants you have. The latter always results in at most 1 database roundtrip. As we all know each roundtrip adds overhead, so there will be a performance improvement.

Jul 23, 2020

Stefan Holm Olsen
( By Stefan Holm Olsen, 7/23/2020 10:43:04 AM)

This is great news, Quan.

I have been wishing for this for some time.

Aria Zanganeh
( By Aria Zanganeh, 7/30/2020 12:31:18 AM)

woohoo .. now my schedule jobs that import catalog can run faster!

Mari Jørgensen
( By Mari Jørgensen, 8/4/2020 11:05:41 AM)

Great! Keep em coming! ;)

Stefan Holm Olsen
( By Stefan Holm Olsen, 8/15/2020 5:03:06 PM)

@Quan Mai: I have a similar optimization wish for batch loading CMS content without first loading core data.

I once raised this thread related to ContentAreaItem batch loading, which resulted in many roundtrips even when I called IContentLoader.GetItems on the content area items.

Do you know whether the CMS team has something planned for this?

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