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Shahid nawaz
Dec 13, 2010
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Load Balancing License Issues when upgrading to CMS-6

Every now and then we are being asked different license issues after upgrading to CMS-6 enterprise and load balancing. As I wrote in my previous post about the working of new license model in CMS-5 & 6 but it seems that there are some confusion still out there.

Let's take couple of them with examples. :)

"This slave site has no master license information"
"This slave site failed when validating master license information".
If you come across one of the above errors than first thing you need to do is to follow the FAQ. If the error remains than make sure that you have right licenses uploaded through admin mode. Open up your master license from master site and slave license from slave site.  Check the MetaData in both configs as below: 

Master License.config:


Slave License.config:


Make sure that SlaveTo points to correct master license ID. Also make sure that the account which you used to connect to database(s) has "DBOwner" access.

If you have upgraded your license from CMS-5 Old enterprise and have received multiple config files than there are chances that you have uploaded incorrect license in your site(s).

If you require to change master license bindings in any of your existing license then send a request to license admin or "sales at episerver dot com" and supply correct license numbers.



"License violation - license in use at another site"
wait a sec ... yes yes we do have couple of FAQs (one & two) available already but when it comes to CMS-6, you need to make sure that you have uploaded a new license file for every additional enterprise site since one license only supports one site to run with. 

Dec 13, 2010


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