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John McCarroll
May 10, 2024
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Configured Commerce - Infrastructure Updates Ahoy!

I'm very happy to share an important milestone - we no longer have any customers in our legacy v1 environment!  This means that the Configured Commerce services and SRE teams are going to be moving forward with some changes now that all customers are hosted in Kubernetes, whether it's AWS (v2) or Azure (v3).  We are still working to migrate our v2 customers to v3, and please reach out to your CSM if you have not heard about this yet, but we're going to be making some changes to how things work under the hood (and they're all good!)

First and foremost, as we unify our customers' hosting environments from an infrastructure perspective, we have identified that there are disparate versions of SQL Server compatibility in different customer environments.  This isn't ideal - we want our partners to be confident they can make changes across all of the customer environments with the same SQL functionality.  With that being said, we will be updating customer production environments on Monday, May 27 to utilize the most recent SQL Server compatibility version.  For v2, that is SQL Server 2019 Compatibility Version (150).  For v3, that is SQL Server 2022 Compatibility Version (160).  Customers who migrate from v2 to v3 will be upgraded to compat version 160.

This change is already live in customer sandboxes and has been for two weeks.  I know it's a bit of a surprise to hear that now, but if you haven't had any issues (or even awareness), that met our goal for the impact of these changes being completely silent.

Secondly, we've had some customers request that we update our issuer values for our identity tokens.  Currently, they list 'locahost' as the issuer.  We will be making a change in early June to make these be the canonical domain for the instance ( in production and in lower environments.)

This change is already live in customer sandboxes and has been for two weeks.  This change is potentially more impactful than the SQL Server compatibility version, so if you have custom SSO functionality, please test it in your sandbox environment and open a support ticket if there are any issues.

Last, we're updating our license server to use the same Kubernetes hosting as our customer websites and putting it behind Cloudflare (also like customer websites).  This will not affect customers in cloud in any way - but for our SDK-hosted customers, you may need to update any IP Whitelists.  We will be making this change on Friday, May 31, 2024 and will be reaching out directly to all SDK customers directly to inform you of the new IP.

These aren't major, groundbreaking version updates, but I'm very happy for these QOL updates to go live and to better unify all of our environments for our customers and partners.

May 10, 2024


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