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Sep 22, 2022
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Welcome to Optimizely World's New Tech Video Portal

Optimizely, leader in the digital experience realm, has become a wealth of world class SaaS products including Web Experimentation, Full Stack, B2B Commerce, Content Cloud, and more. With proper integration and development, businesses can maximize the performance of websites and applications through customer-driven data. To help our developers navigate common pitfalls during implementation, questions about product selection and strategy, and other common technical questions, Optimizely brings you a new technical video portal! In this portal, you will find quick video tutorials, product comparisons, demos, and much more from Optimizely's top technologists and strategists. Visit the video portal for quick answers to your technical questions about each product in Optimizely's product suite!

Optimizely's Video Portal -

Want to understand the difference between Web Experimentation product and the Full Stack product? Chris Vafiadis gives us a breakdown explaining when to use Optimizely's Web Experimentation, when to use Optimizely's Full Stack, and when to use both products together in When to Use Optimizely's Web Experimentation vs. Full Stack. Need to understand how each product fits together in the product suite? Nicola Ayan presents an extensive review of the Optimizely platform and its architecture in Optimizely Reference Architecture. Mark Price gives us an in-depth walkthrough on testing endpoints using Content Delivery API in Testing Content Delivery API Endpoints. He also gives us a short tutorial on setting up Search and Navigation on the on Alloy website in Delivering a Content Delivery API project on Alloy. Other videos that can be found on the portal include:

  • Using Optimizely for a Hybrid Headless Implementation - Nicola Ayan teaches the difference between traditional, hybrid, and pure headless model
  • Full Stack Dashboard Demo - See how feature management works in Optimizely's Full Stack dashboard
  • Getting Started with Foundation - Mark Hall teaches a few tips on how to get started with Optimizely's Foundation template
  • Headless Architecture for B2B Commerce - Josh Schoonmaker explains the headless architecture for Optimizely's B2B Commerce platform

Don't allow your burning technical questions to go unanswered. Visit Optimizely's Video Portal to take advantage of the short demos and explanations needed for expert integration. The videos included in this portal are intended to be a quick look, providing answers to some of Optimizely's frequently asked technical questions. For training on using Optimizely's products and a comprehensive educational experience, visit Optimizely's Academy where you can find a wide selection of courses, bootcamps, and masterclasses. 

Don't forget to register for Opticon, Optimizely's annual flagship event, where you can hear from our keynote speaker Magic Johnson while learning how to deliver world class experiences! To connect with the technical community here at Optimizely, visit the World site and check out our community page where you can find virtual and in-person events happening near you, blogs, forums, Slack channels, and other resources. We can't wait to connect with you at our next event!

Sep 22, 2022


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