Nov 15, 2017
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What is Intelligent Campaigns?

Introducing Intelligent Campaigns to the US - and to the world 

Episerver is (re)introducing our Campaign product to the US Market, this time entitled "Intelligent Campaigns". 

Your first question - what is Intelligent Campaigns? Is it a new product that the team has been developing in our labs specifically for the US? 

The answer is much simpler than that. Intelligent Campaigns is our official release of the same Campaign product that many of our customers are already using around the world, but now with a focus on its combination with our existing Personalization product suite - Perform, Advance (coming soon), Reach and Insight (coming soon). 

Why Intelligent Campaigns - and what does it mean for our Customers? 

Intelligent Campaigns is a logical pairing of existing integrated technologies into the DXC platform to create an Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Service for our customers that transforms your existing CMS into a forward-thinking, innovative Customer Experience that engages at every step of the sales journey. 

This now allows Customers to harness an intuitive, easy to use Campaign Manager tool as they choose to move forward in their digital maturity toward customer engagement to generate increased AOV, Customer Retention Rates and Conversion Rates for Commerce. Our Campaign tool becomes one of the main pillars of the Episerver offering, complimenting our CMS & Commerce offerings. You can learn more about the product here. 

So how do we get to Intelligent Campaigns? Well, Episerver also includes best-in-class products around Product Recommendation, our Perform, Advance and Reach products. Intelligent Campaign is a product package that brings to Digital Content producers, Marketers and Merchandisers a pairing of extended customer engagement with no-rules personalization to make your customer interactions that much more impactful. 

While our Campaign product speaks for itself in the market, we feel this new aligned paring of features speaks directly to the market's need for: 

  • Easy-to-build Campaign Management - as a marketer, you want your product suite housed under one roof. You don't want to manage multiple subscriptions to services, multiple login pages to combine technologies. Intelligent Campaign provides an integrated solution into the existing Episerver Digital Cloud Experience allowing you to build custom Landing Pages in your existing CMS, access your web assets when building your custom emails, and easy access to your previously created data points when creating your visual Campaigns.
  • Product Recommendations - as you choose to begin extending your customer engagement to Email Marketing and Automation, your marketing messages must connect with your customers to create trust and brand loyalty. Take advantage of no-rule personalization to have these emails include product and content recommendations catered to the user's on-site behavior. 
  • Trigger-based Activation - your email campaigns should not be limited to monthly blasts to your general customer list. Use the Reach product offering to send triggered emails to your customers based on on-site activities such as "Abandon Cart" or "Items you Might Like"  

What does this mean for Developers? 

Intelligent Campaigns gives the developers a more seamless integration with Episerver Campaign, Episerver CMS and Commerce with Episerver Reach as a common personalization denominator.  
Episerver leverages the easy installation of nuget packages which Episerver products are always delivered with, accessible from their developer environment.  

After installing the nuget package for Intelligent Campaign you are good to go to actually start using Campaign with Episerver CMS and Commerce, an example of that is posting data from Episerver Forms directly to Episerver Campaign after installing the package. Further configuration for this installation is made through the onboarding phase which follows every purchase of Intelligent Campaign, both focused for marketing and developers. 

But, I didn't mention Episerver Reach above, which is a huge part of sending these personalized emails on a 1:1 level. Episerver Reach is installed through another nuget package since this is a part of our AI Personalization suite. The nuget package for Episerver Reach applies the tracking to your Episerver installation and from that you can test your first personalized campaign with the power of Episerver Campaign as a messenger with just a small snippet of code generated from the Episerver Reach UI. 


Want to learn more? See a demonstration of Intelligent Campaigns in action? Email your sales representative to set up a personalized session so our team can show you how to take advantage of this new offering for your marketing orgnaization.  

Nov 15, 2017


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