Hiep Le
Mar 17, 2022
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Create admin account without given access to CMS

Ever encountered a situation you are asked to take over a project to maintain it, you are given database backup & source codes but someone forgot to tell you the admin account to login CMS?

Fret not. If you are using CMS version 11 or ealier, edit your web.config to allow anonymous access to the CMS by updating the following sections:

1. Under <location path="EPiServer">

update from <deny users="*" /> to <allow users="*" />

2. Under <location path="EPiServer/CMS/admin">

update from <deny users="*" /> to <allow users="*" />

You now can access the CMS at http://your-site/EPiServer/CMS/Admin/Default.aspx

Go in and create your admin account and you're all set!

Mar 17, 2022


Scott Reed
Scott Reed Mar 17, 2022 11:49 AM

I would suggest updating the intro to this just to explain this is for pre CMS 12. As in current version which is .NET 5 there is no web config 

Hiep Le
Hiep Le Mar 18, 2022 04:44 AM

Thanks for your insight Scott. Updated :)

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