Mar 3, 2023
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New to the PAAS Portal - Environment Information (Outbound IPs)

So logging into the DXP PAAS portal this morning, I was treated to a surprise. (Maybe someone has already seen this and blogged about it but I haven't seen that.)

If you are like us you probably have some integrations where you have to whitelist your web app (firewalls, FTP servers, etc.). Traditionally it has required a support ticket to find all the outbound IPs that your site might use but now Opti has given us the power to see for ourselves. It's still a pain when the IP pool changes but at least we have a self service way to see that now.

Thank you Optimizely for continuing to improve the PAAS portal! 

Mar 03, 2023


Aniket Mar 3, 2023 08:38 PM

Good find Kenny. Don't know how long it's been hiding there :)

John Håkansson
John Håkansson Mar 6, 2023 08:21 AM

We added the feature March 2nd Aniket, so not that long :)

Tudor Manolache
Tudor Manolache Mar 17, 2023 08:50 PM

Is there an API from where we could retrieve this, without visiting PaasPortal?
That's be great!

Thank you!

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