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Some improvement for blogging on World

Blogging on World has a long history of development, recently Image Manager is implemented, we also added some more improvement on this section.

1. Image caption: An image can be wrapped in a style of gray background and deep gray border, and a caption under.

You can add image to the editor by copy + paste / drag and drop / click (+) from Image Manager. Then, select the image and click the Image icon below the Menu bar, then select Caption from openning dialogue:

Fig 2. Example caption

A default caption text will display, you can edit it if necessary. Click the Align center icon to make it center.

2. You can delete blog post in the Blog Manager:

You can also do Edit / Delete when viewing a specific post:

3. We removed Google Recaptcha from Blog feature, only some remains in Forum section like Report or Edit post.


Dec 09, 2020

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