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Episerver World now supports GIF image, and more

1. GIF support for TinyMCE Editor

Thanks to feedback from you, blogging feature and comment sections now support GIF images. We also upgrade TinyMCE to latest version, that means you can drag and drop multiple images to editor.

2. Recommendation block is hidden by default

We also notice that recommendation block on the right corner takes some space so it is incovenient for reader for scan the content. In the past, to hide it you must log in and press [hide] button, which seems intrusive. Hence, we hide it by default and you can click the switch to show it up. It will show up until you switch it off or after the session ends.

3. Weekly Release Subscription

You can now follow changes on Episerver Releases so you will receive notifications when new Releases is published:

This is not too much for the site now, but thanks to your comment we improve it day by day. All the comments sent to are examined and taken under consideration for better user experience. We sincerely appreciate your help and hope to see you in the next blog post :)

Jan 18, 2021

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