Published on:Feb 06, 2021
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Bulk publishing of unpublished content items/nodes

In Episerver, we don't have any built in feature that allows us to publish full site (bulk items) in one go. We recently faced one challenge to publish all category nodes.

In CMS, we have an option of Project to perform bulk item update (change of state or publish). But in commerce we don't. And, in our case, we did import of content using custom code and a huge number of items were not published (even we used the SaveAction.Publish).

Then, we decided to write custom code to do that (via scheduled job). And, after doing some RnD, I found that the following Method returns only published items.

ContentRepository.GetChildren<T>(ContentReference contentLink)

Then, the question is how to retrieve the unpublished node/items?

Here is the answer, use the Language option with GetChildren method.

ContentRepository.GetChildren<NodeContent>(parentNode.ContentLink, LanguageSelector.AutoDetect(true))

This is just a trick to get the unpublished items/nodes. And, for bulk publish, you can use the


That's it. You are done.


Feb 06, 2021

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