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The all new improved Paasportal on Episerver DXC services

Hi All,

If you haven't visited the Paasportal in last few days or weeks then there are some new features those are added in Paasportal can be very handy for the developers

More tabs for the categorization

Now you will see these three tabs-

  • Deployments
  • Hostnames
  • Troubleshoot

Deployments tab


This tab has the deployment options from Integration to Preproduction and if you opted for production then Preproduction to Production.

Recent Deployments

If multiple developers from your organization are managing the Paasportal then now everyone can see who deployed the code last time with the environment details. It maintains the history of last 10 deployments.

By clicking on the blue link in the above screenshot you can see the complete logging of that deployment.

Hostnames tab

Custom Hostnames

Here you can see all the custom hostnames with its complete details like - DNS records, Cloudfare records, and azure records, etc.. It also shows you the status if everything is good then show the bar as green else it makes it light yellow and it may be red if some error found.

Troubleshoot tab

CDN Cache(Purge Cache)

Now you can clear the cache of any environment and I think this is a very handy tool.

Application Logs

And last but not the least the application logs to troubleshoot your application.

I think some more features to come in the future.



Sep 16, 2019

John Håkansson
( By John Håkansson, 9/25/2019 7:21:41 AM)

Thanks Ravindra for the positive feedback! We're adding more self-service capabilities and improved analytics this winter so you may soon have a reason to do a new blog post on the same subject. :) Make sure to attend some Ascend events where I will share more about our plans.

Add a comment under this post about other features and enhancements you think will make life easier.

Thx, John

Cloud Product Director, Episerver

Ravindra S. Rathore
( By Ravindra S. Rathore, 9/27/2019 8:06:40 AM)

Hi John,

Yes, Sure I am happy to write a blog post if I found anything that helps the development community.



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