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Episerver Developers Meetup India

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the second Episerver developers meetup this year in India on Friday, 10th July 2020.

Please feel free to reach out to us at for any further queries.

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Meetup Event

Please do RSVP on the event.

If you are interested in presenting in any of the future meetups this year. please reach out to us here. I am more than happy to discuss this with you further. 

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Episerver User Group India

Jul 01, 2020

Darren Stahlhut
( By Darren Stahlhut, 7/2/2020 7:09:27 AM)

Thanks for inviting me @Ravindra I'm looking to demo'ing Episerver Content Intelligence and Recommendations and meeting some of the wider Episerver developer community.

Ravindra S. Rathore
( By Ravindra S. Rathore, 7/2/2020 11:01:40 AM)

It's our pleasure Darren and we are very excited about the meetup.

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