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All I want for christmas is updated addons and an automated approval process.

Today I decided to make a little effort in getting things ready for the inevitable CMS 11 upgrade storm. Eventually, we'll be asked to upgrade our client sites to the latest and greates version of EPiServer. This process usually goeas a little something like this:

  1. Upgrade site
  2. Fix compilation errors
  3. Identify obsoleted methods
  4. Find out how to do it the new way
  5. Do it the new way
  6. Huge sigh of relief for your code not being nearly as broken as you thought it was going to be.
  7. Stop everything because an add-on you're using hasn't been upgraded yet.

This time around, EPiServer has been fast to fix things, but there are still a few things missing.

I have taken the time to ensure that the FocalPoint and URL Transliteration plugins are updated accordingly, beacuse we use them in quite a few projects.

I just submitted a PR to get PowerSlice up to speed, being that PowerSlice is open source.

OK, so why the blog post?

Well, a small part is obviously self promotion, (hi mom!), but mostly it's because I feel that the workflow for submitting updated nuget packages is broken.

I get how PR's will take time to process, but the packages I manage could easily be deployed via the NuGet API, instead of being manually processed. I think that we as a developer community should speak up about what we need, and this is my way of doing just that.

So, as soon as someone at EPiServer has approved the aforementioned packages and PR, I will have done my part in getting us all one step closer to upgrading all our sites.

Also, Alans automated IFTTT script will tweet this, and that will make for a funny tweet.

Merry X-Mas!

Dec 07, 2017

( By valdis, 12/7/2017 3:12:55 PM)

veri gut ;)

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