Thanh-Vi Le
Feb 14, 2023
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Track Experiments with Component Trackers – Make Experimentation Seamless

The need for component trackers

Running experimentation programs effectively across organizations can be difficult, especially when running multiple tests at a time – why? Because it entails keeping track of all of them while also managing them efficiently, which has grown to be a pain point for most customers. In fact, not doing this properly would lead to misallocating time and resources, resulting in slower experimentation and fumbled revenue.

This is a particularly hefty and time-intensive task for:

  • Large organizations that run a high number of tests simultaneously
  • Customers who are very new at experimentation, need guidance, and don’t yet know how to manage the building blocks of their experiments i.e. their components.

Therefore, Optimizely is hyper-focused on making sure that our product allows all Experiment Collaborators to get a bird’s eye view of where their components are being used.


Experiment Collaborators Need Enhanced Experimentation Coverage

Many questions rise in the process of developing and navigating experiments. To effectively run an experimentation program, Experiment Collaborators need to understand the following:

  • Where experiments are running and if there are any conflicts that could potentially misconstrue the data
  • What pages, events, extensions, and audience resources are being used in which experiments
  • What pages, events, extensions, and audiences can be archived without affecting any workflows

For so long our Optimizely customers could only get insight into these things if they emailed their SA to run a script and bulk archive pages, and if they had no SA support they would manually go through their repository of pages, events, extensions, and audiences to archive those not being used in an experiment. Typically, Experiment Collaborators were tasked with governance and housekeeping, which involved: 

  • Using the right pages, events, extensions, and audiences in experiments that are configured to the organization's definition
  • Cleaning up unused or outdated components that clutter the UI, as they can cause confusion for users setting up new experiments.

Therefore, Optimizely has come up with a new feature to enhance governance and housekeeping processes: Component Trackers.


The Solution: Introducing Component Trackers

To identify if there are any conflicts with an experiment, or to find out what components an experiment is being used on, we now have the capability within our app to identify the number of active experiments currently using the same components.

At Optimizely, it is our priority to ensure that Experiment Collaborators have all the answers that they need to make effective changes and decisions when it comes to experimentation. This new feature identifies the number of active experiments targeting the same components—making experimentation more efficient and effective. The way that an Experiment Collaborator will see it within Optimizely:


  • View when you are creating or modifying an experiment in “Implementation”
    • The number of experiments a page is currently being used in
    • A view that allows a user to dig into which experiments are being used on that specific page 


With Component Trackers, the management of experimentation assets will be significantly easier. Experiment Collaborators will be able to identify that the correct Pages, Events, Extensions and Audiences are being used in their experiments and configured properly. Additionally, governance and housekeeping will be substantially more straightforward given the effortless identification of unused experimentation assets. Components Trackers will make experimentation seamless by increasing experiment velocity and performance and providing enhanced management.


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Feb 14, 2023


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