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Episerver and ImageProcessor: now also on Azure AND on CMS 11!

As I wrote in my previous post, I was going to work on an Azure enabled version of the ImageProcessor Episerver integration package. This work is now finished and the package (ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.Azure) is now available on the NuGet feed!.

I used the same approach to setting it up as with the file blob storage one. This means that the package re-uses as much of the Episerver configuration as possible. So you don't have to specify a storage connection string. It just uses the one that is configured for Episerver. the same goes for the container. It just takes the value from the Episerver configuration.
All the necessary config changes are made by the NuGet package installation.

I also released a small update to the file blob storage version. No major changes, but it does change how the generated cache file names are generated. Now every cached file gets a prefix ('3p!_'). This makes it easier (both for humans and the automated cleanup process) to make a distinction between the original assets and the cached files. This is also the case with the Azure version by the way.

CMS 11

Alongside the updates mentioned above, I have also worked on supporting CMS 11. Not a lot had to be changed and I have released both packages with a version 2.0 number. Just install the packages and you should be good to go.

The packages are available on the NuGet feed.

Next steps

In my previous post I also wrote about delivering an Amazon version of the package. I decided to postpone that as I have no experience whatsoever with Amazon. If someone really wants this, let me know in the comments below. I'll see what I can do then.

Nov 28, 2017

K Khan
( By K Khan, 12/1/2017 1:09:17 PM)

Thanks for sharing :)

Liam McDermott
( By Liam McDermott, 1/10/2018 4:39:04 PM)

Excellent, thanks for sharing

Grant Swanson
( By Grant Swanson, 9/2/2019 9:53:48 PM)

Thanks for this package. We are currently, using  ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver and are deployed on Azure. 

What is the advantage of using ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.Azure? And do we have to do anything other than install the nuget package? Thanks!

Jeremy Brown
( By Jeremy Brown, 10/10/2019 2:26:06 PM)

Hey Vincent - thanks for a great plugin.  As a security enhancement would it be possible to remove the following HTTP Header:

blockBlob.Metadata.Add("ImageProcessedBy", "ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.Azure" + AssemblyVersion);

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