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Vincent Baaij
Jul 23, 2018
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ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver: new versions

I have released new versions for my ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver and ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.Azure packages for CMS 11 (version 3.0.1). If you are not familiar with this package, please see this blog for more information. I consider this as a major release because there are some breaking changes. In this version I refactored and simplified both the file blob cache and the Azure blob cache quite extensively. I tried to use as much of the standard Episerver blob functionality as possible. It is very well possible that this breaks the ability to store images in a UNC path (I don't have a setup to test this). Be carefull when upgrading to this version if this is your setup.
I decided to not backport these changes into the CMS 10 version (also because I wouldn't know how to handle the versioning then :))

Configuration became a bit easier. Neither the file blob cache nor the Azure blob cache require specific settings with these versions. Also there is no special IImageService needed anymore when using Azure. The NuGet installation/update should take care of updating the config files for you. If you encounter problems there, please refer to the sample sites in the repository for comparisson.

There is of course also some new functionality available. It is now possible to also use ImageProcessor on static files! The fluent API has an overload to start processing an image from a path string, so you can also use this API with your static files (and get Intellisense help while doing so). A special folder is created in the cache to store these processed images.  Erik Henningson made a PR (thanks!) that allows for lazy loading of processed images. The readme in the GitHub repository explains how to use this and the sample site comes with an implementation of this.

I have some ideas about other stuff I like to add in the coming months, but that will have to wait untill after the holiday. If there are things YOU would like to see added, please let me know in the comments below or in the repo on GitHub.

As always, hope this helps.

Jul 23, 2018


Lars Woetmann Pedersen
Lars Woetmann Pedersen Jul 27, 2018 10:55 AM

it works on UNC path, but i can not get it to work on normal file path :(

Vishal Panday
Vishal Panday Jul 27, 2018 01:14 PM

i have the opposite,

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