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Interface IEnterpriseSettings

Defines signatures for handling enterprise configuration settings.

Namespace: EPiServer.Core
Assembly: EPiServer.Cms.AspNet.dll
Version: 11.20.7
[Obsolete("No longer used, now application is multitenant meaning same Settings is used for all sites")]
public interface IEnterpriseSettings


GetSettingsFromContent(ContentReference, Boolean)

Gets the (Enterprise) settings for a content.

Settings GetSettingsFromContent(ContentReference contentLink, bool fallbackToStartPageId)
Type Name Description
ContentReference contentLink

The content link.

System.Boolean fallbackToStartPageId

if set to true, activate fallback to Start page for Settings. See Remarks for more details.

Type Description

A Settings instance for the site that contentLink belongs to.


This is done by traversing the page tree upwards from current link until a Page which has an Enterprise config's StartPage set as current page, or the StartPage of the current IIsInstanceId.

If the contentLink is not located beneath a start page, the search will fall back to the Settings instance for the current start page if fallbackToStartPageId is set to True. If the search fails and fallbackToStartPageId is set to false, the method returns null.

Extension Methods