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Interface IInterfaceHandledImport

Defines the signature for a component that is registered to handle import of properties for a specific interface.

Namespace: EPiServer.Core.Transfer
Assembly: EPiServer.dll
Version: 11.20.7
[Obsolete("No longer in public API")]
public interface IInterfaceHandledImport


ImportProperty(IContentTransfer, RawContent, IContent, RawProperty)

Imports a property, that is fetches the imported value from importedProperty and assigns it to content.

bool ImportProperty(IContentTransfer currentTranfer, RawContent rawContent, IContent content, RawProperty importedProperty)
Type Name Description
IContentTransfer currentTranfer

The current tranfer.

RawContent rawContent

Content of the raw.

IContent content

The content.

RawProperty importedProperty

The imported property.

Type Description

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